BRAINOBRAIN KIDS ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED. This is our ninth year and we have a network of around 600 Brainobrain centers in India and abroad with 75,000 children doing our program. We are the pioneers in the advanced abacus skill development programme. We have our presence in India, UK, USA, Australia, Kuwait, Mauritius, Bahrain, Poland, UAE, Macedonia, Thailand, Oman & Zambia. At Brainobrain, we help children to develop their wholebrain skills. Our World’s Latest Kids friendly Syllabus enhances the left brain skills and right brain skills thereby empowering children with a proper mental formation.

Brainobrain launched Ginglekids which is our Playschool & Daycare initiative. This is our second year with our operations in India and Dubai. Ginglekids is a Playschool with the difference with its uniqueness in approach. We look forward to revolutionize the way our young minds are ignited.


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